Intellectual property rights of archived documents belong exclusively to their authors:

  • Moral rights are irrevocable and inalienable.
  • Economic or exploitation rights can be transferred to third parties, as it occurs when documents are published and authors partially or totally transfer their exploitation rights to publishers.

In Redined, authors submit their own digital documents. These two situations may occur:

1. Authors archive unpublished documents.

Authors may choose the protection conditions of their documents from the two options in the submission form:

  • Selecting the option by default “Cuando no se especifique otra condición, los documentos incorporados a Redined a texto completo, se hallan bajo las condiciones de uso de solo lectura y únicamente podrán ser citados con reconocimiento de autor(es). Para cualquier otro uso, deberá solicitarse el permiso del autor”.
  • Assign a Creative Commons license to the archived document.

2. Authors archive published documents.

In this case, specific copyright conditions must be disclosed prior to sending the document.

Copyright policies of publishers concerning open access of documents may be classified mainly in two groups:

  • Those that do not allow open-access publishing. In this case, authors must request and obtain written permission from their publishers in order to archive documents in Redined.
  • Those that allow open-access publishing but with certain restrictions or conditions concerning when, where or what to be published or archived may apply.